My name is Sam Cherubin and I am from Saratoga Springs, NY, a mid-sized city 30 minutes north of Albany. I am currently studying Meteorology in my senior year at SUNY Brockport, which is about 20 minutes west of Rochester, NY. 

I have been a photographer since about 2014, when I got my first DSLR, which was a small mirrorless Sony camera. At that time, I didn't have much experience with cameras, settings, lighting, etc., and pretty much taught myself over time. I picked up a few small gigs shooting sports photos for my high school's basketball and ice hockey team, as of today I am still the hockey team's photographer. I also have done some video work on the side, including the Saratoga High School graduation DVD, which I am still a part of today.

My primary focus for photography is sports and landscape/outdoors. As I am only 30 minutes away from the Adirondack Mountains, I am extremely lucky to have beautiful sceneries and quiet nature photo scenes to work with. In the summer of 2016, I started hiking and have accomplished all 46 High Peaks by August 2020. I have had most of my photo opportunities from hiking the mountains in the Adirondacks, where most of my photos are taken from. 

My secondary focus for photography is of sports, mainly high school and college level. Right now, I am going to be entering my third year of working with Brockport Athletics as one of two staff sports photographer, where I cover all 23 NCAA Division III sports. It has been an unreal experience through working with NCAA sports and the opportunities I have been handed through my job. 

I also enjoy shooting architecture, especially churches & cathedrals, time-lapse photography and severe weather; lightning and thunderstorms. I do like to "storm chase" over the summer in my area. I have also began shooting 35mm film back in 2019 with an Olympus-OM1n camera. There are a few albums of dedicated 35mm photos.     


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Sam Cherubin Photography            scherubin98@gmail.com                

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