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I became interested in photography around 2010 when I got my first point-and-shoot camera for Christmas. Every year after that, I usually got a newer camera that had a little bit more features than the older one. Up until 2013, when I upgraded to a mirrorless camera, I did not know that this little hobby would turn into a job and professional level skill.

Following the upgrade to a Sony mirrorless camera in 2013, my passion for photography took off. I got contracted to record video and take still photos for my school basketball team, which then turned into taking pictures for the high school yearbook, photos of other various sports, and recording/producing the DVD for my high school graduation for three years in a row and counting. 

In the summer of 2015, I upgraded to a brand new, top of the line Canon DSLR, the EOS 7D Mark II, which I shoot with now. Ever since the major overhaul of my photographic equipment, I started to really turn this passion into a real job.

I started to sell photos that I took at the Saratoga Race Track, which is a big destination for photographers in the summer season. When school started back up again, I was once back at it with sports photography. I have photographed basketball, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, baseball, lacrosse, track & field, volleyball, swimming & diving, wrestling and football. I have photographed many NCAA Division III games at the College at Brockport, SUNY. 

In addition to taking sports photos, I like to take photographs of nature, landscapes, architecture, astro-photography, long exposures and cityscapes. I have really fallen in love with photographing the Earth as it sits now, with all of it's beauty just waiting to be explored. I want to capture the way nature is seen through my eyes and lens. 

One of my most favorite things to capture is churches and cathedrals. They have always struck my eyes as just these magnificent structures that took decades or even centuries to complete. Some of these cathedrals were built in the 1300s and are still standing today, which is truly amazing. Gothic cathedrals are my favorite to capture because of the giant limestone columns towering above you and the stunning stained glass windows that reflect into all different colors onto the columns. 

As I go into a new chapter of my life, I want to use that opportunity to explore the world even more for what it has to offer. I plan on taking photos as much as I can and find new places to capture. 

My hometown is in Saratoga Springs, NY, where I have been living for the past 19 years and graduated Saratoga High in 2016. I am currently a sophomore SUNY Brockport, Brockport, NY, where I study Meteorology. I am a staff sports photographer for the SUNY Brockport Athletic Communications Office where I work with all 23 NCAA Division III teams.

Photo by Gray Morrison - www.gdmorrison.com

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